My robot will randomly stop during matches

Every once in a while my robot will just stop in the middle of a match. It doesn’t happen that often, but I don’t want it to happen at my comp tomorrow.


Here is a pic of what it does.image


Oh looks like I might see you I am in a comp tommorw as well. Does not happen often did you try taking out the battery of the brain and put a new one. Or may be it might be that the controller is running out of battery thats the only time it does that.

Longer thread here: What is broken? Remote, Radio, or something else? about what the problems could be.


In my experience, when you are using Driver Control this happens when you press the check mark button. Once you start Driver Control, if you press the check mark again, it will stop it, and if you press it again, it will start again, and well you get the idea. I would guess that something hit your brain and pushed the button, so a brain guard (particularly for that button) I think would be a good idea.

Good luck!


This does happen in driver control, pressing the check or something stops it. have you been bumping into any risers in your competitions? a way to avoid this is to either put the brain in a safer position, or make a custom program(this way you can rewire motors in more efficient ways, and you can have buttons that do a specific task e.g. drop riser, pick up riser.)

Oh we added a brain guard a while back, imma ask @DRow to close the thread. But, thanks for the advice anyway.