My robots brain is undetectable to our schools computer

My robot brain is undetectable to are school computer, it first gen, and the settings are normal and the cords work with other brains

Will other brains connect to the computer you are using?
You might also try re-installing drivers. See the article on the site under support, path Vex Library/Vexcode IQ/ [Installing the VEX Devices Driver Installer for VEX IQ. Alternatively, you should be able to find it here: .

Is it a Windows pc or is it a Chromebook?

Hi, I wonder if this is related or not, but I have a high school class and a club that uses chromebooks and I’m having a problem with a number of them.

The students are using the V5 Chrome App to set up a 2 wheel drivetrain and then perform an autonomous routine of driveFor and turnToHeading. When we use a chromebook to compile the program or use a program that was originally written on a chromebook the robot goes forward 24 inches instead of whatever distance we ask it to drive for (it ends up driving in 24 inch squares when the students include turning code!).

If I copy and paste the code onto VexCode on my PC, it works just fine as well as the web based version of VexCodeV5. I’ve checked the encoders on each motor and they are reporting correct rotation values and the drivetrain configuration set up is perfect including the correct 4" wheel size.

Anyone else having chromebook related issues with V5 equipment??

Just try updating the brain with a different computer, or try updating your school computer.