My second controller won't download and then turn orange, what should I do?

Essentially the title. The download gets to 8%, errors, and then turns orange? What should I do?

Please explain in more detail. Are you trying to update firmware ? What turns orange ?


Do you have images of the issue?

Firmware was updated before this happened, and then the controllers themselves were updated. Whenever I go to download on a controller, a controller icon appears on the top bar. (Pro V5 on Windows) Whenever the second controller fails a download, the icon turns orange and I can no longer click it or download.

So you are downloading your program onto the brain through the V5 controller ? (I assume wirelessly). Why is a second controller involved ? Your program exists on the V5 brain, not the controller.


I have this problem as well, I used to download from either the first controller or the second depending on which needs to charge, but recently (I think right after an update) it seems like the second controller can’t be used to download to the brain anymore

For clarity, you connected the partner controller to the PC, and also to the primary controller using a smart cable, and were doing wireless download ?


Yes, the partner controller is connected to both the main controller and the computer, and the main controller is connected to the brain

wirelessly ?

Anyway, I’m not sure we ever officially supported that configuration.
There were pretty major controller updates in V1.1.1, we probably changed something related to that when updating everything for the smart field control.


Oh, yeah, I meant to specify wirelessly, sorry

Yeah, that basically what I was assuming, is support for this configuration going to be added?

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We download wired, to our brain and first controller, and then when we connect the second controller and downloaded because we are a two controller set up and our robotic teacher encourages it, then download errors at 8% and the controller icon turns orange.

As I said. There is absolutely no user program code that needs to be downloaded to the controller. All of your code is on the V5 brain. The only reason to ever download with the USB connected to the controller is to allow wireless download of program code to the V5 brain.


Alrighty, thank you! We’ve decided not to use our second controller and have stopped downloading to the controller, and our bot now moves! My apologies if I repeated myself at all, I’ve been tired and this is the last thing that I needed to stop working.

I did a vey quick test for this on a system still running vexos 1.1.0, it doesn’t work for me on that system either. Are you using VEXcode or VEXcode V5 Pro ?

In terms of adding official support, I don’t know, I will have a more detailed look after worlds but it’s not something we really expected anyone to want to do, it’s just another layer of communication that adds to the complexity and no really good reason to want to do it.


I use vexcode V5 pro

I think what jpearman is saying is, “Downloading doesn’t have anything to do with the second controller.” I’m not sure how wireless downloading works, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you are supposed to plug the main controller into the computer, wirelessly connect the main controller to the brain, and download the program to the brain through the controller. You’re program is now on the brain. There is no program on either controller!


All correct.

I dug into this a little more last night. As far as I can tell, programming via a partner controller would never have worked, the data packet size we use to send programs through the primary controller to the brain is too large for the partner controller to handle (as it has to send that data over to the primary controller using the smart cable connecting the two first). So I have no idea what was happening with older versions of VEXcode and vexos, but nothing has really changed in this area since 2019.