My Signature - If you're curious

I have gotten many PMs about my signature sign (displays your IP, ISP, os, etc…)

Wheneven you log on to a website or go on the internet the page automatically reads that information. All that this sign does (made by is display that information.

I am not a hacker and none of this information is recorded and sent back to me. This is just to raise awareness of internet security issues. If this sign gave you a snap into reality I recommend products like the AlphaShield. These products make you ‘invisible’ thus preventing hackers from stealing identity, etc…

I encourage you to make your own sign at, make sure to use the %between% version and not the HTML code as HTML is disabled on this forum (even though I wish it wasn’t, JVN, do you know why this is?).

cool i might

We disable HTML to prevent abuse & general obnoxiousness. Anything which we WOULD allow can be done using vBCode.


thanks, im gonna take a vbCode tutorial :smiley: