My Slippery Slope Vex Home Challenge This is my Robot I made to complete my chalenge of going up the box and dumping the balls into the hole and here are some pictures the video is at the top





Nice! I was surprised that intake rollers alone at the bottom were sufficient (along with the slanted back) to give enough lift to push the balls up.

Cool! That’s the tiniest robot I’ve seen! I like the the wheels and treads-they look cool.

i have the small standoff beams in there to help squeeze the ball and get traction

here is another video that is alot closer

Man that thing is tiny! Awesome robot. The tank treads look so cool in such small lengths. I was amazed that the robot could go up the box that looked really steep. Nice job i can tell you put a lot of thought into the design.

i like the drivetrain, very cool

also if you watch the close up video you can see that when the ball is under the rollers the robot is lifted up so you have all the weight of the robot (all 3 oz of it haha) wanting the ball to go into the holding area.

are all of the metal pieces vex. i notice that they have circular holes, i thought vex only made metal pieces with the square and diamond pattern.

no, those are parts from old erector sets. i have some of them, they work very well with the vex pieces.

Yea the metal with round hole is from my dads old Erector set. Acutally the robot was quite heavy it might have even weighed a pound or two:)

yeah i was exaggerating when i said 3 oz. the pieces look nice on the robot i like the circular holes as opposed to the square ones.:slight_smile:

You can also run axles in the circular holes if you run out of bearings but a little wear and tear can occur.

Good point but sadly i would not be able to it’s a little OCD thing. i must use bearings. it is kind of annoying sometimes.:slight_smile:

For me it’s a good point, but sadly I would not be able to, it’s a little DESIGN thing. I must use bearings. It is kind of annoying sometimes, but I try to follow that “Do it right the first time” thing.

In 98% of the times where the roboteers are having problems with the gears that they are either not meshing correctly or they keep ‘popping’, it’s because they have not used a bearing.

I know it is like that for me too but i was just putting it out there as a possible solution. Since the holes aren’t square like vex they provide more support than a normal square hole would and I only use it in that type of set up when making linkage type mechanisms.

I use bearings for all of my axles too. It’s just a good idea to use them from an engineering standpoint - there is a lot less friction and slop.

Less galvinization as well.

Can you say some more? I’ve not noticed galvanization as being an issue.

I meant zero. The potential is there when one runs metal on metal.

Cool idea