My Sort-Of Reveal

Earlier in the season i posted about my plans for a robot. As most of us know usually the first ideas don’t happen.(yes, ok, quote me a tell me your success story) Anyway I originally started thinking about doing a 4 motor HS 4" omni base with DR4B and claw type cone intake. So far I have the U-style base i envisioned with the drive but I ended up going with an 8-bar lift. it is geared 5:1 on torque motors(4 of them) so its fairly fast. I am currently working on a passive cone intake but i’m not sure how to incorporate a hinged fork set for the mobile goals. Any ideas? I will probably update sometime later in the season. with more final plans. Thanks for the input in advance.

rubber bands+hinge, and some sort of release, generaly released by lift