My team is going to use this blue dispenser mechanism any suggestions

Would not be student centered and at the skill level of your team if you straight up copied it, but carry on…


Nice, another great mechanism from the “Flying Cheese”. Clone robots are frowned upon, but taking that idea and the team incorporating it into their robot is fine.

@RoboCatz’s position is a reminder that “student centered” is a spectrum of what is allowed.

Some team coaches walk up, dump $1200 of IQ parts on a table, fling a copy of the rules and go “Build a robot” as they walk away.

Others team mentors encourage teams to watch youtube, look at other robots for ideas, hold basic mechanics classes on bases, lifters, grabbers, use of gears and chain/sprockets, strategies, etc. Teach basic skills like how to brainstorm, pick good ideas, perform testing, then doing iterations and how to document. All of these skills have to come from somewhere, osmosis isn’t going to work out well.

Remember, it’s not about the robot, it’s about all the skills, the robot is just the catalyst. It’s the roboteers doing the work, but it’s up to the mentors to give them the robotics basics.


We were going to take inspiration from this mechanism to put on our robot and just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions

Build it and see how it works for you. Thats the cool thing about VEX it does not take long to build samples to see if they are going to work or not.

There are lots of other videos out there for ideas. I like the series by Ben Lipper, he starts off in the season with an OK robot and builds on it / around it and you can watch the design iterations happen.

Good luck on your season.

Good to hear you aren’t copying it. To be honest, it’s a very simple mechanism. Just an angled piece that is rotated to tip the blue mechanism. Can easily be powered by a motor and a torque ratio


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