My team needs tips on how to empty the dispensers

Hi so I am with team 65416C(Hooper 3) and we can only empty one of the dispensers but it takes us the entire minute to empty it. Any advice on how to modify the robot so we can get more points. We had a competition today and came in 22(last) place. We were coming up with ideas but I don’t know if they will work so does anybody have a tip or idea we can try. If you have it on your robot please tell us the tip and post a picture of that part or your whole robot.

If you post pictures of your robot then people will more easily be able to make suggestions for modifications.

Please refrain from asking for pictures of other peoples robots

I will have to do that today I will make sure that we post a picture of the robot we have rn.

Seeing what we are attaching to, or what they currently have is the easiest way to get them an answer. Asking for “Hey can you send your purple plan” will get a redirect to the recent BenBot™ that does this. No harm in ever asking for help.

Harm is only done in sending back bad help. If you don’t want to help them then you don’t need to respond.


Ok, In the future I will refrain from doing so, thank you for helping me understand how this.

It is a pretty standard ask to see the robot/code when asking for help on the robot/code.

Otherwise it is the blind leading the blind.

They are looking for advice and how to get better and it is impossible to assess that without seeing where they are at.


This might not answer your question completely but here is a great starting bot that you can expand on. Definitely a good starting point compared to vexiq’s herobots.

I hope that helps.



What we did was spin the gears on the purple dispenser and for the blue dispenser, we used an arm that goes straight up. The yellow dispenser is the easiest because all you need is a tall robot.

please keep on topic

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