My team's chances/ best plan of action

At least in Illinois, if teams double qualify, the spots are given to the teams with the top skills scores from any time in the season that haven’t already qualified.


So I also saw that signature events can qualify… What is it and are they worth going to?

I haven’t gone to one but my team is actually (planning) going to the night at the museum one this year. They do give qualifications for worlds but there are less than at state. For example, the one my team is going to only has three tickets for worlds and nothing else qualifies for anything, not even Create. If you are able to pay the fees and you think you need every chance to get a ticket to worlds just in case states or online challenges doesn’t work (don’t have a lot of hopes in the online challenges, thousands of teams enter) then do it. Even if you lose you will have fun and experience other teams and get better

Edit: you can only go if you qualify, if you want to go look it up on robot events for what you need to qualify to go to it.

Edit2: signature events are just special events that qualify for worlds to give special experiences;

Signature Events offer students a unique opportunity to connect with their peers from around the world, share their enjoyment of robotics, explore new venues, and compete to qualify for the VEX Robotics World Championship. Event . Qualifying. Spots. Event .


Nope, the US Open has always been in Omaha, NE/Council Bluffs, IA.

The CREATE US Open is not actually “Nationals” - there is no US national tournament, since all the state/regional tournaments in the US qualify teams directly to Worlds. It’s organized by a non-RECF entity (the “CREATE Foundation”) and teams qualify by winning Tournament Champions, Design, or Excellence at any tournament anywhere in the world, though in practice most of the teams attending are from the US and Canada, with a fair number of Chinese teams also attending.

As you can imagine, many more teams qualify for this event than they can possibly accommodate, so in practice the event is usually full in January, which is well before most teams know if they have qualified for Worlds. But, lots of teams can’t afford to travel to 2 major tournaments in the same month. So in past years, a common tactic has been to register for the US Open early in the season, then cancel the registration if/when you qualify for Worlds. CREATE has tried to combat this by not issuing refunds for registration cancellations after a certain date.

As far as major events in Ohio, you may have been thinking about that state’s Signature Event, the Kalahari Classic.


Thank you for the clarification

But from these ppl

Ill check it out but im not sure my team has much money

I encourage you to work hard on your robot and follow the other advice given in terms of funding etc. Additionally, you may want to spend some time contacting the schools you are considering and checking to see if they even consider something like this in admissions, if that is a key consideration to your effort.


You’re right, I got those two confused. it’s in Council Bluffs Iowa. I would argue that it is nationals, though not officially, because there isn’t any official alternative.

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Can I answer any questions for you?

I think that in the college application process winning anything doesn’t do as much for you as being a team captain, or having something to push your personality or profile to being better (idk if i worded that correctly). but in reality, there are teams who win things with people on them that really did no work, and there is no way to really prove that you winning makes you a better candidate, as you could very easily just argue that, winning is easy, or being on a team that won something is easy. (again, idk if i worded this right). i think more the skills that come from robotics like talking to people at competitions for scouting, talking to judges, documenting your work in the notebook, and going through the engineering process set you up with the skills to go through the application process for college.


For out-of-state events, they can’t qualify you for States by winning an award, but the Skills scores you get there still count towards the World Skills Ranking, which may help you qualify for States (and even Worlds if your score is high enough).

As for which awards qualify for Worlds (and States), there is a list in the VRC Qualifying Criteria that shows which awards qualify for a given number of spots.