My Triple Play bot

finally, i took some time to photograph my robot. it uses two motors to drive each tread, one to lift the front plate, one to move the arm up/down, one to extend the arm, and one to move the attachment on the end of the arm. (6) continuous rotation motors in all. it features a toggle switch, which accurately lets me use either one controller or two, to drive the robot and move the arm. (one for drive, and one for the arm) or (channel five RC switch, uses one remote to have two different functions, see RC switcher thread for details) i also added red cathodes from, which were very cheap and cool looking.

picture time:

and one more:

[yay a movie

and can anyone who wants to quote me on something, edit out the pictures so it doesnt take so much space.](

that looks sweet!!!
the lights on it are awsome!!
nice job:) :slight_smile:

thanks! :slight_smile:

ps. in the third pic you can see my home computer, i have the atlanta georgia dome fish eye lens veiw of it. i found the pic on cheif delphi a while ago and it still is awesome.

wow thats awsome the lights are cool i think ive seen them on one of your other bots ping pong one

how did you connect those lights and where did you get them?

i checked the site and it said the transformers needed 12 volts or watts i cant remember but the vex controler only puts out 5v so if you could tell me how you did it that would be great because i might have to buy some

also how did you make your arm slide up and down and do you have any close up pics

also why did you use two recievers???

  1. the lights are from, and i have them plugged into motor outputs. they need a higher voltage, but they do work fine. they also work with legos.
  2. the lights are connected with zip ties and tape :slight_smile:
  3. when i was looking at the FRC green lights, i knew i had to get some for my vex bot.
  4. the arm is using a chain, ill get a pic up soon.
  5. i there are two recievers because in the program, i can switch between one and two controllers.