My V5 Brain has gone completely ape mode - How do you do a full reset of a v5 software?

My radio is permanently blinking red. My brain can’t run tasks unless the controller is not connected to it. My brain also automatically starts the first program whenever it is turned on.

My brain software somehow got corrupted and is now inoperable. Any suggestions?

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I would try connecting the brain to a computer running Windows or MacOS and run the V5 firmware utility (found here). I don’t have any clue if it will solve the problem, but it’s a good first step.


Any chance you ran special skills field control software or something like that on it ?

Anyway, “Reset all Settings” followed by “Delete programs” should get it back to factory.



Didn’t work, just says that it is up to date. TY though

Already tried it, reset all settings only resets the shown settings on the screen, and delete programs didn’t work either. Unfortunately neither are hard resets.

Well, both are hard resets for their respective areas.
So you are saying that “Delete Programs” has left one or more programs on the brain ? Were they VEXcode programs ?

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It deleted the programs, but when the brain turned on it would just run the default drive program.

Do you mean that it goes to the Drive screen and shows Run button etc. or do you mean it actually runs the program, timer counts etc.

We have a setting to go to the Drive screen rather than the home screen, but that should be cleared by “Reset all Settings”, that’s the “Start At:” setting. But, as far as I can remember, we don’t even have the ability to run the default drive code when the brain powers up.


It runs the actual program, and the reset settings did not change it.

Or it did until It connected with the controller-

But the problem got a lot worse and now every single motor is blinking red- wifi doesn’t even work

Sounds like hardware failure.
call support and try to RMA the V5 brain.


Where you ever able to correct the issue? We are having the same problem with a brain automatically running a program with no way to exit.

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If you have the same problem as OP and followed all the steps described, James Pearman has given sound advice for next step with said issue - contact VEX Support. They will then be able to arrange replacement V5 Brain if it is hardware error.


A bit late, I still have the problem but I know it is definitely due to the program. My biggest suspicion is that it has to do with how vcs handle dynamic memory allocation (vectors/new). I really want to test this but I don’t have a vex brain :frowning:

Did you add anything like that to your program? Otherwise the changes I made that led to this bug was adding 1 more task and adding another class.

It seems to be a bad brain. We sent it back to be recoded. Just got it back yesterday so I haven’t tested it yet.