My view of Lego Mindstorms vs. Vex

[FONT=“Arial Narrow”][/FONT] In a thread I posted a while back, we discussed Lego mindstorms. Many thought it is useless.
Here is my view:



=Too many microprocessors to count:
Interface A, Interface B, Codepilot, Cybermaster, RCX 1.0/1.5/2.0, Scout, Vison Command, MicroSCOUT, spybotics, NXT.

=Bluetooth in NXT (So you can use a cell phone as a camera/remote),

=More parts (See )

=More motor tipes,

=Easy for beginners, but complex for advanced users (See


Not saying Vex is not good, what I am saying is that each have their pros and cons, that they are good for different projects.