MyBlocks calling other MyBlocks

We have a MyBlock calling another MyBlock, and the project fails to download with compile errors. TankAutoWithMenu.iqblocks (91.0 KB)

Hmm I can’t open it. I wonder why.

Try this one. TankAutoWithMenu.iqblocks (91.0 KB)

I think the problem is not specific to this project but has to do with the fact that local functions corresponding to MyBlocks are defined but aren’t declared upfront, so depending on the order in which they’re created(?), you get undeclared identifiers at compile time when you have a MyBlock calling another MyBlock.

There is no application set to open the document “TankAutoWithMenu (3).iqblocks”.
and it says VEX blocks is not valid for opening the download…

Yes I do

Ah, do you have Code Blocks installed?

I just downloaded it from the forum and opened in 1.0.8-82…

It’s a forward reference issue, I need to get the blocks team to deal with that. For now, make sure the PrintMenu block is below the PrintCurrentMissionName block.



Awesome! Thank you so much!

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