MyBlocks disappearing?

I have defined functions but they are not showing up for use…???


Hmm… Not sure what is going on here. We’re looking into it.

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Thank you for reporting this. We were able to reproduce this issue, so we should be able to find a solution.

Until we release a new version with a solution, it is possible to get the blocks back in the list of blocks by doing any of the following.

  • opening/closing the robot configuration view
  • opening/closing the command help view
  • editing a My Block
  • adding or editing a variable
  • close and reopen the project
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Thanks. I am able to get the blocks back as needed. When I opened the computer this morning, they were there. I maximized the window, and they were gone. I created a new MyBlocks, and they reappeared.

This issue is resolved in 1.0.8. Sorry about the issues!