Mysterious Circumstances

I was wondering if anyone has any paranormal, mysterious, or strange things happen while Vex was going on, either building, coding, competing, etc. like thing go missing or spontaneously work the. Don’t then work again.

I’ll go first (because it’s my thread). We were building once and some kid goes “Pfff, ghosts aren’t real,” and the the lights went off for like 5 seconds and turned back on. The didn’t do thing anywhere else in the wing or school. No one was near the light switch. Okay, now your turn…


I was using a wrench, turned away, looked back, and the wrench was gone. Somebody had been stealing all the wrenches and put about 20-30 in a drawer in the back of the classroom


One time at a comp. we lost our red side plates. We looked EVERYWHERE, but to no avail, we couldn’t find them. We ended up getting a no-show DQ (but our alliance partner won the match), and a team member of our C team had them in his pocket.


Working on a detached mechanism when a screw head pops off our robot and hits the wall just a few inches away from me. It took me about an hour to get the rest of the screw out and replace it. 5 minutes later that screw also lost its head. At this point I just said ‘screw it’ and put a nut where the head was and called it a day.


I’ve bought at least 60 allen wrenches since I started vex, but now I only have 2 left. They just seem to disappear. :scream:


At Texas State championship in middle School (Nothing But Net), all of our expander wires were unplugged before eliminations.


I had half my intake chains blown off at TT galveston, but after the match the chain was nowhere to be found. No one had taken it either, it just…disappeared.