i just got done watching the new steam machine gun mythbusters and at the end of the show they had a vexplorer robot on their table!!! i thought that was pretty cool, just something to look for.:smiley: :smiley:

I was thinking of posting something just like this.

We had a team meeting today so i missed it… So, I will probably be able to watch it this weekend.

That is cool.

Grant Imahara of Mythbusters and Battlebots fame wrote an article reviewing the Vexplorer for ROBOT Magazine.

You can see the article here:

at first i wasnt sure if it was the vexplorer, but then i looked closer and it was. free advertising for vex?

:smiley: has anyone seen their 7up robot its pretty cool

no, any links? 7up as in a robot that picks up the pop 7 up, or maybe a 7feet tall arm?

Yes I’ve seen it many times on that show. Its an automated 7-up soda machine.

yea thats sweet its a 7 up machine with tank treads its a robot and it can shoot out 7 ups ever seen the commercial lol:)

heres a pic of it

Is it unreasonable to vote the Mythbusters into the presidency and vice-presidency?

Mythbusters: before we get our troops out of Iraq I think we should test it first, start on a model and i’ll make the simulation

lol…just kidding

no…thay would just bulid their own robotic army…:smiley: