MYTHICAL robots sightings?

Anyone seen the “MYTHICAL 6-12 cube carrying robot” yet? Several teams stated they were developing such a robot:rolleyes:…How’s the progress?:wink:
Just having some fun…:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s for sure possible.
There was a robot that had a scissor lift go up to 6ft, and a conveyor belt with hooks running from ground level to 6ft up the scissor lift as the intake.
So it could possibly hold 6*12/8= 9 cubes plus or minus a cube.
I’ve seen it in video driving and moving a cube up the conveyor belt, but I haven’t seen it at full capacity. It sure exists though!


Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing that bot in a recent tourney video… I don’t think it scored at all, but it was interesting to see the concept.

Having the capacity and performing the task is 2 different things. I still believe lifting 6.6-13lbs (6-12 cubes) 5ft high and scoring them is not going to happen…

You can see it here:

I was really obsessed with high capacity initially. Really, for years perfect robot designs include large capacity. But yeah… accurately scoring 5 cubes at 5 feet or similar will certainly require a LOT of tuning with hook cycles.

I think it’ll take time for people to refine their lifts to handle that much weight. Once that happens, I hope those design ideas re-emerge and people actually come through with it. I think the lift aspect would be harder to overcome than the intake.

As you can see 4 cubes and capable of scoring them too.

4 cubes is not 6-12cubes(not in schools in the USA at least LOL:p)(sorry couldnt help myself Stanley) and watching the video I never saw it score a single cube. The video at 1:06 shows it dropping a cube onto the floor…

Just estimating…it looks like it could hold a maximum of 5 cubes.

Still remains a myth…

I saw that robot in real life, and I do believe it held 5. Though, my memory is a bit shoddy, so it may have been 4. Still, this is definitely a good start. That was the robot with (iirc) the highest capacity at the Summer Games. I was not expecting a robot like that when going to the competition. This game really requires you to think outside the box for high capacity.

I am reall curious about this thing… first, how do they fold the chain as the lift lowers? How do they score cubes on lower goals? And by the way, powering multiple stages of the lift is definitely cool.

No idea how they folded the chain. I was interested in learning myself, but I never had the opportunity to see the robot when it was folded down.

They score cubes on the lower goals normally. They can shoot it out the back if they want, but just remember that this robot can also have the hooks go the opposite direction, meaning that they can lower the cubes onto low goals.

Is there any reason for the scissor lift to be lowered once the lift is all the way up?

No, and they never did so. I thought CCA was asking about to fit in the 18", but after re-reading, I’m gonna have to say: Once it goes up, it never goes back down in the match.

From what I see, it seems, like MGOD said, they never have to lower the lift. There’s no need for them to lower it because they can score in any goal with the lift all the way up.

If they wanted to build the skyrise then they’d either have to lower their lift or attacht a skyrise intake to the conveyor.

Definitely. I’d definitely suggest that they’d do something like SBDRobotics. Though, in the summer games, they never scored the skyrise, they just focused on scoring on the goals.

Doing some calculations and considering friction, overheating, pressure angles, the torque-speed curve, and assuming the lift is weightless through elastic, a 6 motor lift can only raise 6 cubes at a rate of about 13 inches per second theoretically.

Though it is possible, a lot of questions are raised strategically

Actually I meant both prior to a match and during a match. Now I see how they don’t need to change the height during one; but still, is it worth it to spare four motors on a once-a-match deployment? Maybe elastic folded lift would be better in this case.

Despite all that, I have never ever thought of this idea. It is cool and might work decently. I am so stuck with the base lift intake VEX cliche…

Don’t forget you can squeeze some power out of weridly designed elastic assist. Well, is it worth it to spend the precious time collecting cubes while another fast robot with less capacity permanently fills up goals, before you have a chance to score that full load of five? That is a strategy question.


I thought it was fairly negligible since it decreases the the lift time while increasing lowering time.

Personally, I think Skyrises would be the tiebreaker on that. Unless a PTO or transmission was in place.