MYTHICAL robots sightings?

I have to agree. In the video that 7793R posted the link to on here, there are a few problems that I have to admit are slightly alarming to me.

  1. the cog is ridiculously high. You could see in the video that tipping would be quite easy if you came into any sort of defensive conflict.

  2. because of how delicately the cubes are balanced, a good defensive driver could easily bump out all the cubes off of their intake. I may be missing something, but this is what i thought appeared to be the case in the video.

  3. it isn’t easy to score multiple cubes at a time - scoring takes longer

I think that the concept is a great idea, however I don’t think someone has executed it in an exceptional (world class) way yet. I will definitely be watching for more robots like this in the upcoming season some of which I think will do extremely well.

if this thread started because someone mentioned a 12 cube intake on vex teams of the world, i followed up and concluded that the person was completely trolling and has no intention of making such a robot, however realistic it may or may not be :stuck_out_tongue:

Well to do that you’d need a light robot with lots of Polystyrene! :smiley:

I really want to see a robot that can lift that many cubes, it must be huge! I can’t really see the strategical advantage, but if someone can get it to be useful I think it will be very interesting.

Part of what you stated was true. I had/have no intention on building a “myth bot.” (We are doing are best to lift 3 cubes at a time) Several of the teams stated several months ago they were going to be building bots that were going to hold and score 6-12 cubes at a time, and I said “it will never happen” A couple of teams said “challenged accepted.” So I was just checking on their progress, and taking some playful jabs. As I said in my original post…“just having fun” :p:p
;)Still no sightings yet?..:wink:

The cubes are hooked onto the conveyor belt.

But still, knock them up and to the side a bit, and they’re gone, and then you have to collect them all again.

Not to mention teams trying to remove the cubes may quite likely tip the robot.

Here’s a better picture of it. They were able to pick up and score 5 cubes on the tallest grey goal. They only were able to do it twice during the tournament, and only at the beginning of the match.

Still not the six cubes that you are looking for, but close.

Our robot is alot like this one except we can go up and down just because we don’t wanna tip. We only go around 45 inches high and have a passive skyrise section intake then two passive cube hooks above that all aluminum (so much easier). They ran practice matches today at the shop and averaged around 4 skyrise sections and 5 cubes on the skyrise.
I will try to have pictures and maybe a video up before I leave in Sept. for BCT.

Sucks I have to leave my kids during competition season. :frowning:

I have recalled a video in which I saw possibly four cubes on a robot but nothing at that range so far. I know people have mentioned about a work in progress of such a creation, however I doubt they’d reveal the robot until later in the season. Reason being the teams may not want their secrets to be spread across the internet and ruin their ‘originality’ or ‘seemingly impossible’ design.

Once we get further in the season, there will probably be multiple robots with a range from four to eight. However, twelve might be stretching it considering the fact that the robot has to reach a minimum of five feet at the intake.

I’ll keep an eye out though. There’s bound to be one supreme bot out there already. It just might be in hiding waiting for it’s big moment.