N. Cal State Championship

This last week end at Ca. St. Champ. i think was the worse run tourn. i have ever been to. First we were charged double to enter from most other states. There were 30 Hs teams and 14 middle school teams, and with such a small tourn. you’d think you would have been done by 3-4 not the 730 we finally got done. We were at tourn with 72 teams and were done by 430. The refs who I Thank for them for being refs you would think that at the State Championship level REC would have at least had one of them be trained on the rules. Which now brings me to on of the REC officials all day they were taking there time for matches then in between semi and finals they were telling us to hurry and get back on the field no time to change batteries. Last rant Rec said we are moving to Kentucky for worlds so we can have more teams qualify but accually they raised the price by $100 and have 22 less teams. This is just my opinion. Our middle school team who won the event won’t be able to go to Worlds because since we are a home team REC has priced us out.