Naming Conventions for Change Up

I think it’d be a good idea to come up with the best, most intuitive/descriptive names for the robots and game elements this year. This is to avoid miscommunication early on, and make the forums generally more productive because there seems to be a decent amount of confusion.

What should this style robot be named?


45 AM

  • Shroud
  • Hood
  • Snail
  • Flywheel/Indexer

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What should this style robot be named?


45 AM

  • Tray Lift
  • Four Bar
  • Hoard Bot

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What should the goals be named?


14 AM

  • Tower
  • Goal zone
  • Hoop

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Lastly, and unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen frequently enough that it could become a problem, what should the scoring elements be named?


29 AM

  • Ball
  • Cube

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(yes, people refer to these spheres as cubes)

Your input is appreciated and feel free to come up with better names below if you feel these aren’t descriptive enough.

Edit: I accidentally made these questions multiple choice instead of single choice. That is now fixed

Edit 2: if you see a name in the thread that you like more than the ones I included, give that response a like so we can get a better sense of what people are gravitating towards


The goals should just be called goals lol.


Does it really matter?

no not really. if it works it works

Vote for that then, I just want to eliminate confusion

If you want to eliminate confusion then just don’t call them weird names that vaguely relate to their function/look.

But I just want to call them goals, not goal zones.


The balls should be referred as “rounded circular cubes”
or “tactical rounded implements”

Also Snail Bot is a far superior name regardless of the poll above


1st image should be called a dunk bot


That’s why I made this poll. Not everyone sees the game in the same light as you


This robot is just the standard meta that we used in gateway.
It is a 6-bar lift with side roller.


But saying tray lift is a perfectly descriptive name that’s easier to say than lift with side rollers. Also people are used to saying tray lift from tt.


I wasn’t even born when gateway came out man

That’s not exactly true.
There are many forms of lift… 2-bar, 4-bar, 6-bar, 8-bar, dr4b, d4b, etc…
By just saying it is a tray lift is not telling people what sort of lifting mechanism.

And as for what people are used to saying, tray lift only started last season.
But n-bar lift has been around since VRC started.


I didn’t know you are less than 10yo… coz gateway was in 2011…


It was supposed to be a joke, I guess my tone was hard to read in text


What about just ball tray?

Sigh… looks like I will need to go into the annual explanation of why it is important to name the robot with the correct technical names…

Technical names are given so that it is a common language and terminologies among all.
Don’t forget, only a small percentage of the Vex community are in the forum or your own discord.
And the judges will definitely be giving you a blank look if you are using some terms that you have decided to make up.

Use all these nicknames among yourselves or within your own clique. But please use the proper technical terms or names when communicating with others.


Idk, tray lift seems pretty descriptive to me. its a tray, on a lift. The details of how it works (what kind of lift, what kind of
intake) can be separately communicated. Or you could call them 4 bar tray, 6 bar tray, ect.

But yes, I agree, when talking with people unfamiliar with your bot/design, use precise technical terms.


Think a lot depends on what is the important components of your design, e.g, is the intake method more important or how the game elements are being carried more important?

I’d think that most of the time the method to intake is more important. And hence the mentioned of side rollers.

Another way to look at it will be - if you communicate your design to someone as a 6-bar lift with side rollers intake, intuitively that person will know that of course the balls will be intake into a tray/container.
But if you describe your design as 6-bar lift, then be prepared for a follow-up question of - “so how do you intake the balls? “
Because there are many ways of intaking, a lot more ways to contain the balls.

Edit: end of the day, this is just advice or you can call it good engineering practice.
But I have never been totally successful in convincing the students from using the proper naming. Lol