Naming of VRC Game Design Animation entries

Last season a team named their VRC game animation entry identically to an official VRC game release which suggested it actually was the 2017-2018 season game. Anecdotal evidence suggests this perhaps promoted it quite successfully given very few of these game animations have ever exceeded 1,000 youtube views and the entry in question hit 30k+

Is this frowned upon or otherwise considered wrong? Our team doesn’t want to use deceptive practices but also would prefer a level playing field since community voting plays a part in the judging process.

Q: Can entries be called “VEX GameName - 2018 - 2019 VEX Robotics Competition Game”?

There are no rules in the Requirements section stating how entries must be titled; however, if there is not a reference stating this is an Online Challenge Entry in the description, that may not play favorably with the judges.

Thanks and good luck!