Naming robot for competition

I remember that in robotc we had a window where we would name our robot for competitions. In vex coding studio how do we do this?

That was always a useless feature. The only external device that could read the name was a computer connected for programming.

As such, I doubt VEX bothered to reimplement it in VCS.

Actually it was useful for VEX techs to help identify which robot/controller pairs were on which communication channels, and thus to help with connection issues. They had a system that used a cluster of vexnet keys to monitor all the vexnet channels and what devices were on them (they also could see some other information like battery voltage and connection time). I’m surprised this wan’t re-implemented in VCS. Edit: It is implemented, just can’t be changed right now.

So is it required for competition or is it just a feature for trouble shooting purposes?

Not required at all. It was only helpful at nationals/worlds for troubleshooting purposes. I was just pointing out that it was far from useless.

V5 implements both team number and a description which could be team name or something else. These will be able to be set from VCS at some point and are visible in the brain selection dropdown.

Is this information visible to vex techs with special equipment as it was with the cortex system and vexnet 2.0?