Naming the V5 brain

I am new to robotics and using the V5 system. Is there a way to name the brain so that when the iPad is trying to connect using Bluetooth we can select the correct brain to pair with?

I’ve never named a brain using an IPad, however I know that using VEXcode V5 on a computer, in the top right you have the ability to rename the brain when it is plugged in. You just have to click the little brain symbol and you can put in team number and the name of the brain. Hope this helps at least a little!


I just clicked on the brain icon at the top right in the VEXcode V5. When I do it tells me the name of the brain and that my firmware is up to date and the VEXos. It does not allow me to click on anything to change them.

I am pretty sure that this is on a device-by-device basis, though