NAR Championship Attendance

Team NAR has some disappointing news to share today,

We will not be attending the 2014-2015 Skyrise World Championship. We collectively as a team have decided that it was not the best year for us to compete. We would have loved to compete this year, but too many things fell into place that have made it difficult for us to attend as competitors.

The logistics of running a team like ours resulted in difficulties with the new qualification system put in place for US teams in VEXU this year. With the lateness of the new system being announced and a very select few events able to qualify team(s) to Championships as it is, it would have been difficult for our team to attend one of these events due to the nature of our team make-up. With 3 various active Chapters this year (Orlando, Boston, and Midwest) finding a way to get enough people at a regional event to compete proved taxing across all grounds for all members. That is why we have decided that we would focus on our studies this year, we do however hope to have a presence at the World Championship this year. Some members plan to volunteer at the competition, or assist with teams they mentor in Louisville this year.

In other news as a sort of update NAR did work on quite a bit this year; we have completed about half of the paperwork needed to get a 501c3 and are now a registered Non-Profit Organization. This decision was made so that it would make it easier for us to get corporate sponsorships, as it has been the biggest hurdle getting a financial sponsorship without being attached to a school.

We hope all the teams have a great year, and good luck in the rest of the season!

Andrew Remmers
Co-President of North American Robotics

Sorry to hear that NAR won’t be there. I was thinking about going to Louisville, since it is only 6 hours. I was looking forward to seeing what NAR had designed.

Good luck on your studies!