NAR Early Prototype Reveal

This is an early prototype thought I’d share.

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  • Andrew

Do you have videos of the robots in operation? love the design, although i dont really understand it… care to explain?

I definitely second the idea of not knowing what this bot is! haha

I would also love to see a video of the jedi of the sea’s robots.

Sweet boxes. I’m liking the number of pneumatic reservoirs on that thing.

Do keep in mind this rendering only illustrates the intake idea we passed around, the brain child of Andrew.

I know at least one of the NAR robots should be running before January…


We thought at the beginning the key to picking up a sack was getting as low to the ground as possible. We also wanted the widest possible intake that we could think of as well. It also had to be lightweight, and sturdy enough to withstand impact. We also wanted it to be long so we could hold extra sacks.

The intake was at its smallest point .5 inch thick (It could be smaller), and could get under the sacks pretty nicely. The biggest problem with this design was the amount of work that went into making the bands. As it would take upward of 5 minutes per band the Robot construction time would be… Uhm. Huge. The advantage was that we could power everything on our robot with literally two motors.

Overall Pros did not outweigh the cons so this specific design has been abandoned as Chuck state.

  • Andrew

Loving the custom gearboxes for your drive sides in the back. Any specs on the overall gear ratio & number of motors? Noticed the all-omni configuration as well, any plans to strafe sideways with a few hidden wheels under the cortex there?


This looks very nice, almost futuristic. As it is a 15 inch robot, it appears the intake cannot reach the troughs? In your design process, did you consider this to not be important? Is it a dedicated tile scorer / blocker?

Cheers, Paul