NAR: Moose Eagles Teaser

Cody taught me a thing or two about rendering thought I would share.


Cool render of what appears to be your drive train’s motor packaging. Any thoughts on accessibility in the event that a motor goes bad or gets loose? I’m guessing you could just pop the shaft out and remove the gear to access both motor screws.

Nice. Not sure if the holes would line up, but another option could be to add a couple of small access holes on the outer plate and rotate the gear until the gear holes are in-line with the covered motor screw.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys put together as your final product.

Already taken care of my friend. The idea would be to just put a new gearbox in and repair the broken motor.

Yeah, that would be a hundred times easier. Hot swapable spare assemblies for the win.

Hot of the press.

  • Andrew


This looks nice. Any particular reason why you’re using 3 motors per gearbox?

If you have a 10 motor drive I will be so stoked.

We are feeling rather Teaserish today

  • Andrew

You can make a super fast 24 inch extension. :smiley:


My gut feeling is that packing 3 motors so tightly may lessen the rate of heat dissipation. I might be wrong, but they could end up boiling hot. Something to consider anyway.

Cheers, Paul

There is no way that stacking motors could possibly go wrong.

NAR Orlando got all our Pnuematics in today. Big shout out to SMC our sponsor for providing us with everything we needed this year! Time to go start Assembling!

Now that is a great sponsor to have… :slight_smile:

Hey, hey, hey, hey… Andrew!

That guy who used to crash at my place between classes. I see you gots some nice stuff there… :wink:

This guy, has the best contacts in the world, freaking machine shops and SMC and powder coating and carbon fiber boxes and friends with every gun imaginable… Except a P90, god I want to shoot one of those!

Wonder what other irrelevant things I can get away with saying here…

Hummm, did anyone notice that Ender’s Game the movie is finally happening?

I’m going to get all fan-boy-ie on this one, for sure.

Fulling expecting an awesome kick-butt reveal video / photos in the near future :slight_smile: you know, for us who can’t make it to championships.

Hopefully it turns out alright with older actors portraying the children. I believe though. If the movie sucks we can always forget about it. Now only if they’d make a sequel to the matrix… :wink:

Under a month until WC and you’re just starting to build?!

Yup Started this week