NARorlando Presents: Rooster^3

NARorlando would like to finally present Rooster^3. We can’t provide a video due to the lack of a field. But a photo shoot will have to suffice

The unconventional robot that could, This project was fairly secret for most of the season even until they day of the World Championship.

This concept was conceived within hours after Sack Attack was revealed, and we slowly perfected the design into what Rooster^3 finally turned out to be.

Iteration is always a part of our design process even as strategies formulate. Originally Rooster^3 was supposed to be a double trough/high goal blocker with a twist. There was a tethered 15 inch “minibot” inside that would do the majority of the control which allowed it to score strictly in our goals. The blocking system would have consisted of a series of Hand of God telescoping systems. But one day we changed our mind to shrink the entire system as small as possible, and make it fit into the 15" cube.

The result was Rooster^3

6 Piston pneumatic lift.
10 motor drive 1:1
2 Piston Blocker Table
5 Pneumatics tanks
2 regulators
4 solenoids

All of this allowed for Rooster^3 to be flexible overall in its strategy as a heavy defense bot.

We had a great season guys, feel free to ask questions.

  • Andrew

P.S. Rooster^3 weighed almost 30 lbs, and the pneumatic lift could lift the entire robot off the ground and “hang” on the trough. This move was illegal obviously, and never performed during an official match. Just thought it was a fun feature of the robot.

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