NARphilly Presents: Candiru & Honeybadger

Or just go here for the Honey Badgers that I think of everytime I hear the name :slight_smile:

Or just go here for the Honey Badgers that I think of everytime I hear the name :slight_smile:

Why would you name anything after the Candiru…

This would be the 3rd robot I’ve seen named Honeybadger.
1492Z, 2011-12
1B, 2012-13

Yeah, But I bet you haven’t seen a robot called Candiru. :wink:

  • Andrew

The name Candiru just makes me shudder :frowning:

Candiru would be a great name for a descore/rescore robot.

What is wrong with the name Candiru?

Just google it. It is a type of fish.

The Candiru is a fish indigenous to the Amazon. There is a mythical story that at one time it for swam up a stream of urine and became lodged in the urethra, where it later died. This dead fish lead to an infection of the uterine tract, and required surgery to remove. Horrible, painful surgery no man would want to go through.

Read “Surviving the Extremes.” Excellent book with a good 12-15 pages on the Candiru.

Doesn’t sound so painful to me… Now if this were to happen with a Goliath Tigerfish, that would make your eyes water!

Good luck NAR members, Paul

Wait, so this is a college team? They both look the same size though. Am I missing something?

These are college. Candiru is 15", Honey Badger is 24". if you notice, Honey Badger reaches 32", Candi only does 25"? not sure, check with Chuck. The 169 bot you see in the background is a regular HS bot. Also notice the wider and skinnier intakes

Ah, I see it now. Couple questions:

Did you use the plastic block / sheet metal for anything?
Any additional sensors?
Do you have different objectives in mind with each robot, besides “can reach high goal/can go faster”?
Does a 24" robot seem reaaaally big up close?