Narrowing down lifts

I feel that there have been many posts that have discussed lifts for this year and i feel that it is time to start narrowing down between:

Double reverse 4 bar
Double reverse 6 bar
2 bar
4 bar
6 bar
8 bar
Elevator lift
Scissor lift

What do you guys think? Please share your full opinion!

What is a 2 bar?

I think a 4-bar, 6-bar, or rack and pinion lift will be best.

I don’t see a need for anything heavier then a 6 bar honestly. Scissors, dr4b,dr6b,8bar are all overkill for the height you need for this game in my opinion

I’d rule out the 6 and 8 bar lifts because they are hard to move with the downfall of my skyrise robot. They are also heavy.

On behalf of the 6-bar, I cite Toss-up as a counter-example.

I agree most will be 4 bars or 6 bars although there might be some scissors.

Hard to move? 6 bars are much lighter than dr4b and dr6b

I’m currently building a 6 bar as my first prototype bot right now

I’m keeping my current designs a secret, but I think that an inverted six bar would be the best for dumping a few objects at a time.

On second thought I did not think that last comment all the way through. I was thinking back to my skyrise robot and how it struggled to move while the lift was in the middle due to flex. So based on that the as long as the same mistakes are not made the robot should to well. (Also that skyrise bot was my first robot I built so there were many other flaws that it had too.)

A four bar parallelegram linkage will work just fine if you want to get over the fence. If you wanna climb, you wouldn’t have to extend much more than what it could at its max.

What is a rack and pinion lift?

What do you mean by inverted 6 bar?

An inverted parallelogram linkage flips the final bar stage as it’s lifted instead of keeping it parallel.
I thought that this would be useful because it would hold the stars/cubes until it got over the fence and then dump them.

The first stage is just used to increase it’s hight.

I don’t think that they used one, but it would be used in the same way as this:

I’m pretty sure that the intake was just attached to one of the non parallel bars.
Now that I think about it more, this would probably be better than and inverted six bar :d

Like these

a 1:3 gear ratio will lift about 20 lbs. with 2 motors and without burning out, also if they have the right amount of spacers to make it exact, otherwise it will slip

I will probably be doing an rd4b, because if built right it can lift a lot of weight really quick. Also so that I can almost definitely go over any defending robot that gets in my way, including wallbots. :wink: I also like the fact that it can lift vertically because I’ve been wowking on a lift system that would work perfectly with an rd4b.

Last year one of my teams made a DR4-6B. It was a (double Reverse) 4 bar on the bottom and a 6 on top. That thing was wicked! Strong too!

Why use a lift? They are slow. Catapults.

How are you going to knock down the stars from the fence? Or lift yourself on to the pole for hanging.