NASA Exhibit

Is anyone willing or interested in going to the NASA Exhibit and FRC regional in Richmond on March 2?

I might go not sure yet.

More information please! What is this exhibit?

for more info, check out the PVL thread

i would like to go, but again, im in NJ… so that would be kinda far.


If you can find an adult (that part is crucial) chaperon willing to make the drive, we would love to have another robot there. The more the merrier.

I suspect it would turn into an overnight trip. I’ll bet that that somewhere in the Richmond hotels full of FRC folks, there would be a spare bed or two, or at least some spare floor for a sleeping bag.

Let us know if you get serious about it.

PS: - Just to make sure everyone understands, this isn’t an exhibition being put on for/by/at NASA. This is an FVC exhibition being put on as an extra/side event during an FRC Regional NASA & VCU sponsor.

Id like to because it would be really awesome, but i’m from Wallingford CT, and that is kinda a long distance away. 450miles to be exact

I’m definately going to try and make it there but it’s on a friday.

Remember… Anyone/everyone wishing to participate should notify Darlene Panteleo and confirm with her that everything will work out OK. Darlene is the FIRST Vex Affiliate Partner for Virginia and she is running this particular show.

I am advertising it for us all, but she is the boss; so let her know. Her email account for FVC stuff like this is: [email protected]

See you there!

well, i just saw and read fully the first post, and it says the date is march 2nd. there is another reason i cant go:( i have my own regional event to worry about in NJ. also ill be in NYC 2 weeks later.

What exactly is going to be at the event on March 2nd?

This is a perfect question to ask Darlene Panteleo, our Virginia FIRST Vex Challenge Affiliate Partner. Contact her via email at [email protected] and let us know what you find (or ask her to reply by posting a message in this discussion thread).


Mainly I created this post (they for some reason deleted the first one I made) to try and get more people interested to come. Maybe try and give out more info to others to try and get them to promote it to other teams not on VEXforum.