NASA Future Design Contest sponsored by SolidWorks

Dear Vex Forum Members,

Check out the NASA Future Design Contest sponsored by SolidWorks. It is open to students and the general public, FIRST and Vex forum members. Top prize is $20,000 with other prizes including (6) HP xw4600 Workstations (or similar hardware configuration*). My entry is titled “TELE-OPERATED HOUSE PAINTER TOOL”, which I plan to build using Vex and Vexplorer components.



My entry along with the contest information and rules can be found using these links:

Thanks for the notice, looks like a good competition.

aw man, all participants must be 18 or older…there goes my chance of getting a T-shirt:(

i know eh, when it comes to these things i hate being a minor, i spent two hours on this site before i realized it though lol

i had found it earlier on the NXT step blog but forgot to post here, the no minors thing always gets my ticked

Legal to enter through your parents?

That is an interesting idea.

that’s what i thought at first too, but my parents arent into that kinda rthing :smiley:

i was looking through last year’s winning designs, and the one that stood out to me was the IRIS engine concept. (
i dont quite understand how this could work, but it seemed to be very fuel efficient. as to how the grand prize winner’s invention works, i have no clue. it looked like it would give off radiation, since it didnt require any input of power.

at first i thought that i could enter this challenge, but after looking through the entries, i see what kind of innovation is expected, and im out of my league.