Nationals Registration Closed?

My team qualified for Nationals about two weeks ago, and as we looked up the Nationals Registration page, we noticed something. The registration is closed. What does this mean? Does it mean that the capacity has been filled?

I find that kind of strange considering two things.

  1. Registration opened 1 month ago and the NA season started around end of August/beginning of September.
  2. My team never had a problem registering for Nationals. In fact, we usually qualify and register a lot later in the season.

Anyone have any information as to what’s going on? I’d hate to have my team’'s journey end, despite doing so well this year.

I just checked both the U.S. National VEX Robotics Championship - MIDDLE SCHOOL DIVISION (Event Code: RE-VRC-12-6850) and U.S. National VEX Robotics Championship - HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION (Event Code: RE-VRC-12-6847). They are both open for registration by qualified teams. If you have problems registering and you believe that you *have *qualified, please send us an email at