Who else has made Nationals? Every time I’ve gone, the atmosphere has been AMAZING. Is this Anyone’s first Nationals?

I went last year and it was amazing. In some ways better than world’s.

Team 323Z is attending the 2016 US Nationals, so I will be going this year as well.

How fldo you qualify for nationals?

You qualify by winning any compotition or getting awarded the excellence award. You can also qualify by wining skills at any compotition.

Every state has a different way of getting teams qualified. It’s up to the RECF Representative I believe.

Does nationals qualify for worlds? Just wondering even though i know getting to nationals most likely means you qualify worlds but still.

Actually no. You have to qualify for worlds separately, usually through online challenges or regional championships.

Team 1477 is going to regionals with TWO robots for the first time since our startup so I guess we’ll see some of you there.

Since you are in Houston I am guessing you are qualified for South Texas regionals. Good luck man, you should have a lot of fun down there with teams like 118 and 400X.

Yeah we plan on going for 200 points but we need a bit of help on the programming side as well as the mechanical side.