NBN CAD kind of broken

When I do the field renders I regularly have to completely remodel certain objects for ascetics reasons, but the CAD this year has some real serious issues.

NOTE these issues showed up when importing to 3ds max 2015 and Inventor 2015.

The biggest one being, it’s missing the net’s top parts entirely.


And on both nets this is wrong…


I don’t know what this part is, maybe a spacer of some kind, but there’s only one of them in the entire file. I’m inclined to believe that it doesn’t belong as it couldn’t actually mount to the field as shown.


Anyway the biggest issue is the lack of the top joining part.

Not trying to be a jerk or anything, I just have to point this out, without that part I can’t get to work on the renders. Everything else I can work around.

Regardless, thanks for getting this out so quickly guys!


Thanks for letting us know Cody. You shouldn’t have to work around incorrect models and you certainly aren’t being a jerk by making us aware of the problem. We will fix this by the end of the day. Another post will be made in this thread when an updated model is available to download.

Thank you for your patience.
, Bryan Culver

Awesome response, thanks Bryan.

There’s no hurry :slight_smile:


Is there only one bar going across the front face of the goal?

Appendix A has been updated. You can download it here:

The third image in Cody’s first post was actually of a zip tie which is suppose to hold the goal in place. There are two per goal reflected in the updated CAD model. The first two images reflected problems that only manifested when the CAD model was exported as a .step file. There is only supposed to be one diagonal member across the front of the goal so that is correct.

Let me know if you encounter any further problems and thank you all for your patience.
, Bryan