NbN Conveyor Belt System?

Hello, we’re team RamTech 59A. For our robot, we were thinking of putting a conveyor system in a C-shape low to the ground. However, we are having trouble coming up with a way to develop our conveyor system. If there is any help we could get it would be fantastic.

If I understand correctly, you want a conveyor system in a vertical orientation like the actual letter C. I would do it by putting 2 sets of sprockets in the C shape. One set for the chain to run on the outside of the arc, and the other set for the chain to run on the inside of the arc. (See the very crude drawing.) To power it I would put motors on 1 or both ends of the arc, depending on how many motors you want to power it. As for what the balls would roll against, I would bend 1 or more metal plates, depending on how large the arc is. If you have questions about it just ask. Hope this helps.
C conveyor.jpg

Your best bet is to bend metal plates. However, You will have to fine tune adjust it for your needs. You can also try using 45 degree angle brackets.