NbN- Definition of Elevated

I know the official Q&A for NbN is not ready yet.

But I am concerned with the definition of Elevated.

Looking at the unusual relatively high number of No Show in this year Worlds, does that means that a team that has a no-show alliance will never get to be considered as Elevated? Even if the robot has the ability to self-elevate, it will be pointless.
And if that’s the case, that will mean that a team that has a no-show alliance will be at a handicap of 50 points - in the Worlds, that will be as good as confirming that you will lose the match.

Just hope that GDC will reconsider this rule.

While I agree with this in that a no-show shouldn’t prevent a large chunk of points being scored, how do you want to define elevated so that it’s possible for a single team to be counted as elevated? If you just remove the requirement that a robot be touching it, I suppose you could try to balance on the field perimeter to be elevated, but this would defeat the “work with your alliance partner” thing they’re trying to do here if you can just become elevated entirely by yourself. I suppose you could add a conditional that the clause is only required if you HAVE a partner, but I doubt that teams would design their robot to execute a more complicated elevation simply for a case in which they don’t have a partner.

They have little claw bots provided for teams with no show partners at worlds. I never opted to use them since they were close to worthless in other games, but this year they could actually serve nicely as elevated robots.

There’s only one issue with the clawbots. According to this, the clawbot’s maximum height is 11.28". :smiley: So unless you move the arm up and balance it in a way it will stay up when motor power is cut, you can’t use them to high elevate.

I am not sure if RECF still allows clawbot for Worlds.

During the Round-up season, we requested for a clawbot because our alliance did a no-show. But the officials said they no longer provide clawbot for no-show alliance.

What I have in mind is similar to your suggestion - in the event that the alliance does a no-show, we should allow the team to still earn the elevation points without having the alliance touching it.

Whether the teams design their robots to do a self-elevation does not matter, at least we know that the rule is fair to teams that has a no-show alliance.

It is already a huge disadvantage in having a no-show alliance (1v2), let’s not further “penalise” the team by giving them a (no fault of their own) handicap.

just use your robot to high elevate the claw bot:rolleyes:.

I remember seeing one at worlds in Toss Up filling in for the team that got DQed for illegal motor modifications. However, that might have simply been due to the unique situation, and not something they would provide to replace a team that was inspected and legal to compete, but was a no-show.

I don’t remember seeing any at worlds for skyrise but there was definitely one per division in toss up.