NBN Intake Ideads

Hey Vex Community,

I have noticed that everyone is talking about shooters and climbers. I think it is also quite valuable that we talk about intakes. You can have a great shooter but if the robot can not effectively acquire the balls then it is useless.

My thoughts on an effective intake this year include:
-quickly being able to acquire balls
-effectively capturing an entire stack of balls with the bonus ball (acquiring more than one at a time and at different elevations)
-being able to accommodate the human loading.

Having an effective intake will also improve autonomous score and allow for faster tele-op cycles. My initial ideas for an intake include a wide footprint that consists of rollers allowing for more than one ball to enter at a time. This would then feed into a conveyor system and then into the robot’s shooting mechanism.

If anyone has any other ideas for dealing with the stack of balls, acquiring the bonus ball, and working with the human player, please let me know!