NBN Launcher Reload Time Problem

So we have a very similar robot to the following:


Heck we even have the same flywheel and gear ratio. And we are both using turbo motors. However our reload time (the time our flywheel takes to get back up to speed after launching a ball) is like 2-3 seconds. There’s is clearly much faster. So what are some ideas on what might be causing the problem?

Thanks guys in advance <3 <3 <3

Friction/build quality. Programming (velocity controller for the flywheel.) How long the ball is making contact with the flywheel, and how much compression you have when the ball passes through the flywheel and the ‘hood’.

First thing I would for sure check is any spots where there is any unneeded friction and then I would check the compression.

What i am hearing from the video it seems like they are using a velocity controller to increase fir rate.

The build quality is almost certainly substantially worse on your robot. Just as a general rule I find that teams that copy something don’t understand why things work and thus build significantly worse versions of the robots they copy. Could you post close up pictures so anyone that does understand can try to help.

Also did you use bearings… We have no idea what your robot looks like other that “like 8059” robots. We need details to fix this.

Most of our teams recognize that fact and didn’t go for copying designs. So when we copy we make sure we analyze every little piece of the photo. Many times something that appears arbitrary, something that appears as a mere black blur, becomes extremely significant. Anyway I think we will be trying various ways to reduce friction as I just realized that friction is a huge deal with high speed frictions. And using a drill to slightly make the axle hole wider, that was a pretty good idea thanks.

I don’t see how Tabor is being too harsh. He is being honest in an attempt to help this team, which is the purpose of this forum.

Honest in a harsh way

I definitely agree with you but the team should be mature enough to handle honestly.


What would you have him say? “Your robot is probably just as well-constructed as one that works better”?

Please don’t put words into my mouth. “Try not to make an exact copy, but modify and add your own flavor to it” -Griffin Tabor.

The OP doesn’t mention any of that… So we can assume they don’t have much of it

I am not on @SigmaMan side. I just didn’t appreciate Tabor saying it that way. Other than that he’s chill.

You’re right, that was unnecessary.

So back to the point of the thread, compression is often the culprit in that case. If you can try to make any small adjustments for ball compression, it may somewhat help.

It’s okay. And this conversation is getting a bit of course so let’s continue trying to *actually * help.

Since the balls are going the right distance, I suspect it is not the compression issue.
Recovery time is mainly related to friction (and programming, if you are using some form of velocity control).

Apart from asking to check your friction, etc… I really dont think I can add much more here.
If you are using the same ratio and also a single 5" flywheel, then the recovery time should be nearer to 0.6 or 0.7 sec.

YEEEEEES twas friction. We had spacers that were causing the axles too be way too tight. Ima beat the crap outta the kid who did that. Just kidding.

By the way Meng your robot from that video does not seem to have any sensors near the flywheel at all how are you doing velocity control there then?