NBN Object Ball

I ordered some polyurethane foam balls from the internet, Champion HD-4. I just received them, they are 3.86" dia., have a smooth surface, weigh 76 g. and bounce not quite half the height they are dropped from. Are there any official m VEX balls to compare then with or is there an update on availability official objects?

I’ve heard that some teams who registered their teams for the NBN season have recently received a couple of balls in their “Welcome” kit. So apparently some of the balls are available. I haven’t heard of anyone ordering and receiving a large number of them, however.

According to the field specifications the balls weigh 50g and are 4", so the ones you have wouldn’t work well.

i have two balls from our
Welcome Kit. A ball weighs 1.8 oz on a postal scale which is about 50 grams.