NBN regional high scores.

Just wondering if we could unite the World just a little more and up the compeition by posting high score records from different parts of the world.

For example I know;
New Zealand is 273 (Wingus & Dingus & Lynfield College).
UK is 168 (Virus & Systematic Chaos) - 2nd NBN event, still working on improving that.

Just realised I posted this in general, meant to put it under the NBN competition section.

New Zealand is actually 311 from Auckland Scrimmage #4. It was a purely 7682 (Wingus & Dingus) Alliance.

These results are unofficial since they aren’t listed on RobotEvents. But since we haven’t had an ‘official’ event so far this year, this is the best we can provide right now.

Nice! Very proud of my home land, trying to lift UK to the same standards with my new team.

If you haven’t check out VexDB before, it is pretty awesome for stats like this:


We just had our first tournament in BC and Final #3 went 240-200 for a 440 total. :slight_smile:

VEX Veterans will recognize “the usual suspects” of BC teams when the scores are posted.


That’s what I wanted, no need for this thread at all then. Thanks!!!

Today we had a competition at Alpha secondary school in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Our highest scoring match was 224 - 200. (Total combined score of 424.)
9594C now has the highest skills in the world, so 7842D & 2R couldn’t keep up even with 2R’s high lift.
We have a match video, but I won’t be able to post it until later this week.

Mind sharing what method is 9594C using as their launcher?
Can’t really tell from the video. But just don’t think it is flywheel.

We call it the Biscuit Monster because for every ball it throws we need to feed it a biscuit as payment. It’s very advanced technology. :rolleyes:

It was a flywheel. It was using 3 stacked 4" wheels, but I didn’t get chance to look at the ratio.

Wow. What skills scores were they getting?

We’ll see when they upload the data to robotevents.com, but I think that 9594C got 232 in driver skills and 250 in programing skills.

Haven’t checked the rules yet for programming skills, but is that with manual loading? Because that would make it fairly easy, same with the driving skills really. Although a well driven field bot should be able to beat a parked launcher.

Well technically in order to score more than 160 you would need to move from your starting tile to the opposing starting tile because only 32 balls can be loaded at any one alliance station as per RSC4. So a parked robot wouldn’t do very well.

Should be able to? How?
Every single field ball and starting preloads is 270 points. That is with never missing a shot. People can do that in programming skills now. A perfect mythical field robot can’t beat the real scores today not to mention in a few months.

34 10b

I’m willing to bet come worlds we will have people who are shooting all of the Robot skills loads as well as picking up and scoring a stack or two of balls from the field.

So then that’s not the highest scores in the world (for either skills challenge)
5776T has 251 in Robot Skills.
5327C has 264 in Programming Skills.

EDIT: Also the results for 9594C are up now: 232 robot, 244 programming

Sorry about the mistake, I was looking at the results on robot events instead of the vex database.
Has anyone seen what kind of launcher 5776T and 5327C are using?

Yes (10 char)

Yes, we competed against 5776T in the Finals, and 5327C was partnered with our B team in the eliminations as well, but they did not make it to the finals.

5776T uses a design setup similar to Cameron S, except that the actual way the rubber-bands are pulled back is completely different. They use four motors powering a chain to pull back and release with incredible speed and accuracy, both from up close and far away. While we do have videos of the matches, out of respect for 5776T I will not post the videos without their explicit permission.

5327C has a fairly standard dual flywheel setup, except that they use a ton of motors to power it through a transmission. Their robot was absolutely incredible to watch, as they could fire all 24 drive control loads in only a few seconds. Once again, we have videos of the matches, but out of respect to 5327C I will not post the videos until I have asked them if it is okay.

The Dougherty Valley Regional Competition was fantastic, with 5327C and 5776T achieving top skills scores, and 5369 partnered with 5776T against 8000A and 8000D achieving the highest combined score ever in VEX Nothing But Net. As the driver for 8000D, I can tell you that the competition was fierce, with lots of defense, but the match was incredible, as the field was nearly cleared, with only a few balls remaining. That being said, 5369 and 5776T were fantastic competitors, and the finals were an absolute pleasure.


Nick H. (8000)