Nbn without restrictions

Hello all, i personally think that nothing but net was ehhh game, meaning that you saw the same 3 designs at every competition, however what if it was played without the 18x18 size limit after the start of the match, without the 4x ball limit you see high capacity dumping bots, descoring bots, wallbots, netblocker bots and so many more designs, i personally think that this game wouldve been much more entertaining to compete in and. Watch without these rules, what does the comunity think? Yay? Or nay?

I think the GDC wants to make sure that you have new robot designs from game to game. We had a few in a row that a 6 bar could play well with not an absolute ton of design change.

So a shooting game it was!

Now that we have that under our belt. This year it’s a variant of clean sweep + gateway with much more difficult objects and a higher, more open fence. Grab and dump strategically. Plus hang. Robots work for both easy and hard build levels. It works well as a game. My only complaint so far are the stars break rather easily, but that is not the game’s rules fault.

No, i love this years game. Its nothing but net i have a problem with, meaning too few designs could be possible, yet effective

I think the challenge last year was much less the hardware and much more the programming, which I rather enjoyed. The designs may have been rather simple, but a flywheel is far less effective, and I would argue borderline unusable, without a decent velocity control.

In addition, each design required immense build quality. Both flywheels and linear punchers were ripping their respective robots apart.

Thats true, but i feel as if design convergence really ruined the game for me

I’ve only been involved for three years as a coach, but I don’t really have any complaints about any of the games. I really like the variability and the fact that a design that works for one game is completely useless for the next. This keeps high performing teams from dominating from year to year by just retooling an old robot and serves to level the playing field at the beginning of the season. Plus, each game seems to come with a different design challenge and that’s a great learning process.

Truth be told, when I saw the reveal of Starstuck, I was kind of underwhelmed. However, the game has proven to be much more of a challenge that I gave it credit for.

To me, robotics is about the game AND learning. We are definitely learning more and different things than we learned last year (gearing, balancing loads, and keeping gears from breaking) but using some of the stuff we learned last year (efficient energy transfer). So I am happy.

Except for toss up robots. Someone will always find a way to use a variation of a Toss Up bot for every game :stuck_out_tongue:

To be sure, Nothing But Net is probably the worst game VEX has ever had. (I’m sorry GDC, but it just was. That’s not to say NBN was horrible, but that the other games were much better.) I think the 18" constraint was fine ( without it all that would have won would be Toss Up bots). What was really devastating was the match loads. Get rid of those and you have a much more interesting game. Once you got to Worlds, the fielding wars were fun to watch, but not before then.

This year looks like Worlds is going to be awesome though. I always wished I could have played in Clean Sweep, and now I am. Except this year is a lot harder than Clean Sweep.

I think you misunderstand me, i meant to ask how the game would be different, not to debate the merits of the game itself

Except you wouldn’t.

If the four ball limit and 18’ size restriction were both removed, everyone would just build this:

And then throw on a lift of some sort to lift the basket to the height of the net.
Vex wanted nbn to be a ball shooting game, so those restrictions had to be in place. If those restrictions were removed, not only would the game be easy as heck, but also the design convergence would be even worse.
Another thing is, everyone had already spent a year playing Skyrise, a game that was all about lifting things to 5 feet or up. To play this modified NBN, everyone who had a decent skyrise bot could just swap their cube intake for a ball intake and a basket, and do extremely well.
The meta design would obviously just be the basket design attached to a reverse double 4/6 bar, which many teams had for skyrise.

Also, don’t forget to proof read your posts for grammar mistakes/poor phrasing next time.

And I think you would find more than a few giant walls, making the game completely unplayable.

I guess our robot was borderline unusable. We had absolutely no sensors.

Flywheels shouldn’t rip a robot apart. It’s just a really fast spinny thing with virtually no torque behind it. At most, it might break some gears on the flywheel gearbox itself if you mess up.

@Aponthis But didn’t you have a bang bang velocity control? In any case, my flywheel was borderline unusable without velocity control, and from what I read on the forum, that seemed to be a shared problem.

EDIT: A quick check of your reveal last year shows that I am wrong. My bad.

“Ripping robots apart” probably weren’t the right words. However, flywheels seemed to loosen screws more than usual use, and on more than one occasion I had to reattach central structure. Probably mostly just subpar build quality, though.

My experiances with a puncher is why i would not use a catapult. I hate it when my robot destroys itself.

Just never dry fire.

There was a team that said, “It won’t break as long as it doesn’t dry fire.” This team accidentally fired when trying to get their fork all the way down to the ground and it really messed them up. They were basically out of the match.

Moral of the story, don’t rely on things going perfectly…

Our in class robot did this. Axle literally flew off, every rubber band snapped and it flew ACROSS THE ROOM. To this day I make sure I’m not in the path of that robot.

I feel like that’s a huge exaggeration… because I don’t remember that happening.

I would’ve liked to see what people could make without the limitations of VEX parts, but still in the size constraint. Computer Vision and stuff could’ve been used for really awesome things, but… well… vex.

I liked nbn, sky rose was my first and it was suck a drastic change, I enjoyed the building a lot more. One thing I didn’t like was the fact that you could score so many points with our driving around because of the twenty preloads. But building a robot that could shoot or lanunch balls was fun. It was also interesting having a robot that couldn’t. Over all I liked it