Nebraska/Iowa Teams ranked by points

Inspired by Scidkelly, all credit goes to him for the template and scoring system.
original post:

Now for the meat of my post;


Added some designation for the teams that are going to worlds and for the teams that aren’t from the region but competed in regional tournaments.

There is also a per tournament ranking added by averaging out the total by the number of tournaments attended, which I believe I got mostly right.

Some added comments for each of the worlds teams
5069A-They consistently finished in at least the semifinals in I believe every tournament, and won lots of robot skills and excellences. Pretty much mastered the efficiency bot early in the season, but haven’t made many improvements.
8701- They won like 4 design awards and 1 excellence award, along with winning a couple tournaments. Very weak showing at nationals though with a redesign, will be interesting to see where they end up for worlds.
1970A-Qualified at league play early, did decent throughout rest of the season. I think they went 3-10 at nationals, but with key members on vacation. Should be strong at worlds.
1045F-Strong sweeper bot with roller/lexan intake. Finished 2nd in blue division at nationals. Will perform well at worlds.
3018- Probably our region’s most famous team, they have consistently unique designs. Currently hold 2nd or 3rd in programming in the world.
6069X- They did a reveal a couple days ago, strong team, well driven efficiency bot. (always cease to amaze :wink: )
1064P- My team is the best don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
1064A- Won 4 out of 4 local tournaments they competed in, runner up in league play. Robot Skills champ at nationals.
1064B-Runner up in I believe 2 tournaments, won excellence award.
1045A-Qualified based on programming skills, strong dumper bot.](/)