Need 2-3 minute video of any VRC game

I need a link to a good quality 2-3 minute video of any VRC game - not taken on the raised fields at World Championship.

I don’t care which teams or which game. It needs to show both the field and some students driving. I already know about the animation.

This would be for an audience that has never seen a VRC game.

I started looking on You Tube, but it was difficult navigating through what is there.

Thank you.

Here ya go!

Not our best match, but here is a vid from this year


My team’s only match on youtube:

Here is our channel with a bunch of different matches.

Here’s an old video of ours from Cleansweep… it’s ok (focused on the center wall most of the time). A lot of “basic” robots. Match ends starts immediately (no autonomous), ~2:00min long.

I think the best vex videos are those on here:

They are in 1080P which is incredible for a youtube video.

is there anywhere with the NZ finals?
i watched them on the justin tv live stream, but i think they took that down already…

Final 1 - Vex Gateway - NZ Nationals - Final 1 - YouTube

Final 2 -

Final 3 -


Hey I got some 1107A Final Matches…
Best one:

Ok one:
Semi Finals-

youtube is a valuable resource when looking for vex vids!

Ok one:
Semi Finals-

Is that cap intentional? :confused::):wink:

Ok one:
Semi Finals-

Which one is your robot? The isolation zone one or the interaction zone one?

This (from NZ Round Up nationals) is probably the the most impressive vex match video I’ve seen. It’s four minutes, but the first minute is talking so you can start it at one minute in.

It has a variety of designs and a couple of different strategies, including a very effective goal dumper. For people with no knowledge of Vex the double high hang at the end should make a very interesting twist.

The quality isn’t bad and the camerawork is amazing - the event had a professional camera crew and a camera on a crane.

that was a beast robot
goal dumping AND high hang!
what happened at worlds??

I believe that some heavy ramming (leading to damaged mechanisms) happened in divisional finals. It was a shame to not see any hangs in finals last year.

Their high hang stopped working because the robot was rammed a few times - to the point where it could only low hang. Then in the semifinals they spent valuable seconds hanging for only 10 points which could probably have been better spent on something else. (My opinion)

The high hang did work better in NZ - I think because drivers in NZ competitions were nicer than at worlds. Playing defensively against a robot that was trying to hang was very much frowned upon in the NZ vex community because of the potential for damage to parts.

They were definitely up there though, and they did play in the inter-division eliminations so you would have seen them. They were the proof that despite what some people said, you really could have a round up robot that could do everything :D.


You couldn’t be any more correct. That was exactly right.


Whenever people go off about how perfect 1103 or 44 were in round up (granted, they definitely were mindblowingly good), my brain screams for people to see that double high hang of NZ nationals and expand their horizons a bit. Too bad worlds got too rough before elims.

Sometimes I think U.S. teams get a bit myopic on who to admire. I’m pretty sure I speak for most of Exothermic here: NZ teams/designs worry us the most. Kiwis really have their stuff together.