Need advice on Cortex motor distribution

Currently, my team has a complex traybot with a motor distribution of:

6m (High Speed) 1:1 Drivetrain on 4" Omnis
2m (Torque) 7:1 Tilter
2m (Torque) 7:1 Lift Arms
2m (Torque) 1:1 & 3:5 “China style” intakes with 18t sprockets

Our intakes cap out at around 10 cubes with one of the intake motors stalling, and I was wondering if it would be viable to take 2 motors off of the drivetrain and use them on the intakes instead. I know that some teams in ITZ used 4 motor drivetrains, but 10+ cubes weighs a lot more than a mobile goal and some cones.

If anyone who has experience with Cortex can help that would be greatly appreciated!

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sorry but what are china style intakes?

They are like these:


With cortex, the best robots almost always had at least a 6 motor drive, so i would not recommend going down to 4. You may need more compression on your intake to pick up more, but if that isn’t the problem, try a higher torque ratio. If the driven gear is the 60 tooth gear, try making the driver a 12 tooth gear for a 5:1 ratio. If not, try flipping your ratio.


With cortex this is probably the best you’re going to get. You will never be able to stack as fast as a v5 robot, because you don’t have as much power.


The only simple thing I can think of is using smaller sprockets on the intake to get a little bit more torque. If you really wanted to get as much power to the intake, it would be possible to make a differential drive that connects with the tilter which would free up two motors.


i would not go less than 6 motors on the drive. With defense being such a big factor in this game if you go with 4m then you will get bullied hard by v5 robots. even more than you probably do now.

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Thanks for all of the responses! I think I’ll try driving the 36t gear instead of the 60t gear, and if that doesn’t work, I guess we’ll have to try and get a sponsor lol.


For cortex, which ports the motors go to will matter as well.

Ideally you would want to distribute the current drawn by the motors evenly among the PTC as well.
Port 1 to 5 share one PTC, and 6 to 10 another PTC.
And assuming you will be using power expander, that will be another PTC.

So do plan which motor should go to which PTC.
Eg. You wouldn’t want to put all the heavily used motors all in the same PTC.

I hope I am making sense to you.


Yeah, I have 4/6 drive motors on the power expander, and ports 1-5 handle the left side of the robot and 6-10 handle the right side.

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