Need double acting solenoid


Does anyone have spare double acting solenoid?
It is out of stock everywhere. We are in urgent need.
If anyone want to sell it, please contact me


I haven’t used pneumatics this season, but I’ve heard plenty of people say Radwell is a good source and they currently have the double acting cylinders in stock as far as I can see.

You can get the double acting cylinders here: NCJ2D10-200 by SMC - Buy or Repair at Radwell -

– Michael, 8349P

Oh, you’re looking for the solenoid. Here it is: SYJ3120-SMO-M3-F by SMC - Buy or Repair at Radwell -

– Michael, 8349P


It is saying get in 4 weeks. Everything will be over in 4weeks. We need it now.
Thanks anyway for replying

I would go ahead and order some anyway so in the future when you may need pneumatics, you have them

Ask ur REC support manager for ur region for potential help or see if teams in ur area would be willing to sell or trade for one

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