Need Gearbox for CIM to Vex connection

hey i really need some help to make a rc tracked viechle, i want to make it very big so i think that i have everything needed to make it so if you could help me telling me if im wrong i would apreciate it

here is the list

75 MHz Signal SplitterP/N: 276-2217 $19.99 $19.99
75 MHz Transmitter & ReceiverP/N: 276-2153 $129.99 $129.99
Tank Tread KitP/N: 276-2168 $29.99 $59.98
Victor Speed Controller (5-choices)Victor Speed Controllers
2 x 12V Victor 884 + 12V Fan $179.98
P/N: VICTOR-884-12/12 $179.98 $179.98
CIM MotorP/N: 217-2000 $25.00 $50.00
Advanced Gear KitP/N: 276-2184 $19.99 $19.99
Base Plate 30x15 (2-pack)P/N: 276-1341 $29.99 $59.98
Long Aluminum Structure KitP/N: 275-1410 $99.99 $199.98
Advanced Hardware KitP/N: 275-1119 $49.99 $99.98
7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 3000mAhP/N: 276-1491 $29.99 $29.99
Smart Charger w/Optional Power CordCharger
1 x Smart Charger $16.99
P/N: 276-1445
Power Cord
1 x Power Cord - North America (Type A) $3.00
P/N: 276-1500 $19.99 $19.99

pd:im not doing this for any kind of competition im just doing this cuz i want to

What powers the CIMs? the Vex 7.2v battery or some other 12v FRC type bat?
How do you connect the CIM .313" output axle to the 1/8" axle Vex stuff?
How do you gear down the CIM 5000 rpm output to a reasonable speed?
The CIMs seem overpowered and not mechanically compatible with the rest of the Vex components. They are ~40x more powerful than a Vex HS motor.

I don’t see any point in the Advanced Gear kit for a CIM powered system;
what would you use it for?
High-Strength gears or HS sprockets might be a better choice

You might want Rubber inserts or something for the treads.
Do you need servo wire extensions to connect the Victors to the Signal splitter?

“Very Big” is not a size. You have spec’ed enough tread for two 27" long x 5" high treads. Do you have any type of capability requirements?

  • climb stairs?
  • Carry your backpack?
  • weigh more the 15lbs but less than Y?
  • Speed 1fps (rockcrawler) or more like 30fps (racecar)?

thnx men
i want to make it like a scale model of a ripsaw, about the size i was thinking something close 24 x 48 in.
big enough to climb stairs, transport things but small enough to go thrugh an opened door
then about the electronics i was hoping that only if you want, can, and have time, help me select the right components. thnx men
sorry for my english but im really not a good english speaker… or sumthin like that

Do you have a link to a picture of “ripsaw”?

That’s my guess.

yes that is a ripsaw

To get 48" long by 12" high tracks, you’ll need 4x track kits, not just 2x.
Same as original questions then:
Run CIM motors from Vex 7.2v battery?
How will you connect CIM shaft to Tread sprocket, and with what reduction?

o its different i thought they were the same but as i said before i was hoping someone could help me with that and by the way i have had no previous experience with vex products so i really dont know much about that i would apreciate that you could help me with this.

Punctuation and newline aids clarity.
I’ve changed email title, but you may need to make a new thread with usefule title like this: “Need Gearbox for CIM to Vex connection”.

Here are the 2 models I’m familiar with:
FRC style with Vex CPU: Need a 12V motorcycle battery, the Victors, and then Gearboxes from BanesBots or; you’d probably need some bigger tread as well.
24"x48" foot print is getting close to FRC (First Robotics Competition) size.

Vex style: Drop the CIM and Victor combination, and go with 4 Vex 393 HS motors, (2 on each side), and use #29 Motor Controllers instead of Victors. Keep the Vex treads, etc. You may want a power expander and an additional 7.2v Battery. 24x48 is 6x normal Vex competition size

BEST Style: 24x48" is 2x size of BEST competition robots : 24x24x24"x24lbs, They use Vex controllers with #29 MC, and use DC gearhead motors with 1/4" shafts; You’ll can find some LynxMotion 8mm wheels hubs and drill them out for 1/4", and drill out some Vex HS sprockets to run the chain.
BEST style is much more plywood/PVC bodies, ie cut your own structural parts.

Did you have a $$ budget in mind?

thnx men you really helped.
and no, the money dosent matter