Need help configuring motors

First time builder for girls elementary team. We started with the standard clawbot iq, and then modified it slightly so it has 1 motor powering each wheel. We are only doing controller drive of the robot. We need to figure out how do you reverse a motors direction. Right now both our left side motors make the robot go forward and both our right side motors make the robot go backward. We need to reverse the right side motors so when they spin the robot goes forward (to match what the left side motors are doing).

What coding program are you using? On VexCode Blocks you go to the motor configuration and there is a switch to reverse directions.

Haven’t used any. Used VEXosUtility to update all the firmware but that is it. Downloaded VEXcode IQ Blocks but not sure what to do from there. This is what it shows. None of this is our programming, its just on the brain as our school owns the robots and we build them each year.

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What program are you using when you run the robot. Is it “Driver Control” or something you have downloaded via VexCode Blocks?

If you’re using the built-in “Driver Controls”, there are fixed ports you have to use: port 1 and port 7 for the left side motors, 6 and 12 for the right side motors.
Once you wire it this way, you can tune the behavior further using the Driver Control “Configure” screen.
Please review the control system manual for more details
(e.g. part of, pages 78-83)


Yes Driver Control.

Maybe our brain is programmed wrong from previous users. Right now Port 1 and Port 6 are assigned to motors, and in this case plugged into the left side motors. Port 5 and 12 are also motors and plugged into the right side (and this is what is spinning the wheels the wrong way). Port 10 is motor to raise the clawbot arm and port 11 is motor to open and close the claw.

Hi @bmwtye This article from the Knowledge Base will show you how to Configure the Controller and the Robot’s motors so you can use the VEX IQ Controller to drive your robot:

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks,

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Driver Controls is not configurable enough for that.
If you want to use 4-motor drive base with Driver Controls, you HAVE TO connect the left motors to 1 and 7, while the right motors have to go to 6 and 12.
The only other way to have the motors wired as 1+6 and 5+12 is to code your own teleop program - not really that hard or anything, but still one level up. I would still suggest to keep the motor mapping compatible with the Driver Controls as a backup in case your program fails somehow.