Need help getting a 2D vector representing the direction of the joystick.

I need help getting the joysticks offset from the center represented by a vector object (x\y components stored opposed to length & angle).

The function GetJoystickAnalog (I think thats what its called, I am away from my dev. pc) is explained poorly in the documentation.

Things I don’t understand about the function:

  • What are joystick channels? What does each mean? I’m guessing X+, X-, Y+, Y- but I can’t test right now.
  • What does the function return? A float, integer? Am I getting a ratio of some sort?
    -Can someone briefly explain how one goes about implementing a line-follower. I have a lot of C and some AI programming experience however I am interested how others implemented it.

As you might be able to tell, this is the first Vex-Bot I have programmed.

Oh, and we are using the Vex Cortex MCU programming it with EasyC V4 for Cortex.