Need help getting coding back

I transfered code on to a v5 cortex, but for some reason my laptop randomly shutdown so now I don’t have access to the code. The code is on the cortex but I have no idea how to transfer it back on to my laptop or anything for that matter. Does anyone know a way to transfer the coding from the cortex to the laptop?

Unfortunately you cannot get code off of a brain, but since its there it must have been saved on your computer. When it is uploaded to the brain it automatically saves your code to wherever it was saved on your computer as well.

so does that mean the code is just stuck on the brain?

Yes, but your computer should also have the same code.

Before it could save when it was on the “name file” part it crashed

Either it is on both your cortex AND your computer, or it is on neither. I’m not sure what else you are looking for

I’m just looking for a way to transfer back the coding because it was incomplete

There is no way to transfer it back.

That being said, if the code is on your cortex that means without a shadow of a doubt that your code was auto saved on your computer. If this was not the case the code would not compile.

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well, thanks for the help anyways