Need help, I want a design for a 16x16 vex legacy robot

What i need is a simple design for a robot base that is 16x16 inches
What I’m planning on using it for is a:
Cap flipper
Placing on the posts
And ball launcher
What I have down is:
All the parts
Cap flipper
I’m sorry if this post is annoying
Ask me any questions if needed, all I’m really looking for is a base to hold all the contraptions (ball launcher, flipper, etc)

Well, you can start by looking at robot reveals on youtube to gather ideas, but we aren’t going to just hand you a robot design or tell you exactly how to build it. If we did that, you would be missing out on a huge portion of what you could learn from VEX!

That being said here are some general things to think about:
How wide do you want your ball intake to be?
How are you going to climb the platform?
What kind of strength/weight trade off do you think is best?
Do you wand your drive to be faster or better at defense?

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The VEX-U “small robot” is 15" x 15" and some do most of the things you’re asking. Look for Youtube videos of the current season, perhaps at Purdue University or other colleges for ideas.

What is nice about a small base is you can control your movements on the platforms.

Hi and welcome to VexForum!

The search bar in the top left will allow you to find whatever you’re looking for! For example, typing in “drive types” comes up with many ideas for drivetrains from this game and past years. Since you don’t seem to plan on platforming, a drive type from last year’s game would work well. Mecanum base, x-drive, and omni are all viable options this year if you don’t plan on getting up on the platform.

An even better source of information is youtube. Just typing in “vex turning point” comes up with hundreds of reveals of robots. Find a drive base you like, and draw inspiration! Focus on things like the number of motors and their distribution, or whether the drive is chained, geared, or direct, rather than just counting holes.

Good luck with your bot, and be prepared to go through a couple iterations before you find a drive style/motor distribution that suits your needs.:grin:


What I’m looking to do with a bigger robot is to have more functionalities, we have another small robot. And I like big “I’m not light weight I’m big ”.which this means is I’m not good with small things. And I’m gonna be the only one in my robotics club next year building a robot, there needs to be more freshmen interested in this type of stuff, but only people go to my school to play sports, the leader of the club who I very very intelligent is going to collage. Thanks for the feed back it’s appreciated, :grin: